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* The girls with diamond symbol will provide you with their diamond service. The service content includes but not limited to COF/COB, Body Slide, Full Oil Massage, etc.. The specific service items provided depends on different girls, please visit their details page for more info, thank you.


Cash, Amex, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Visa, WeChat and Alipay, Afterpay are acceptable. GST will be Charged that is passed on for non-cash payments. Prices are those recommended by The Cherry Tree Garden but may vary solely at the ladies’ discretion. Fees agreed with individual ladies includes their room hire charge.


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Book your favorites or indulge in some fantasy at Melbourne's Classic Bordello. Experience a memorable, sensual encounter at Lily Yang's renowned Cherry Tree Garden Oakleigh.


30 minutes

Just $240


Do prices for sex vary much?

Yes, they do. A BMW 7 Series and an older Ford Escort will both get you where you want to go, one with style and class with many wonderful features included in the price, and the other will usually do so as well - and if you buy "extras", you can make the trip more enjoyable. Choosing to visit The Cherry Tree Garden is like always travelling with style and class.

There are also the illegal massage shops, or the photoshopped “sex goddesses” on the Internet or social media to choose from, but you may need to add on the price of a visit to your friendly doctor and for the especially unlucky, also finding yourself clapped in irons when the local constabulary drop by as they do more and more these days.

So, comparing a classy legal brothel like The Cherry Tree Garden, or any other top brothel in Melbourne with the photoshopped girl in a rented room in Docklands who probably won’t be there tomorrow, or the shabby looking High Street massage parlour, certainly isn’t a useful comparison. Yes, brothel prices do vary a lot. You just need to make sure you are comparing “apples with apples”.

Shopping on price alone is a good guide to bad sex

Asking for brothel prices over the phone is misleading and not the right question to be asking unless you understand why they vary. Our discerning guests look to value for money, which is different. They ask themselves: “What’s the experience I’m looking for?” This might include the ambience, privacy & discretion, front-desk service standards, attractiveness of the young women, inclusions in the service (beware of the omissions about "extras" you only find out about later) and then deciding what’s a fair price. The Cherry Tree Garden prides itself on exceptional value for our customers for the prices we list.

So, collecting telephone numbers and calling around brothels in Melbourne asking about price is bad economics. Gentlemen, get in your car and pay a visit. The managers at the top brothels in Melbourne will happily show you around without any obligation.

You can also check out the comments on a brothel’s website or read the feedback on Google which can give you some insights into whether your money is going to be well spent. Brothel prices in isolation of all the other important factors are a bad measure of good service for what you're seeking from a top Brothel in Melbourne.

Booking Policy

At The Cherry Tree Garden Oakleigh our Booking Policy is easy: The service providers trust their regular customers to keep their appointments as we know they respect each other.

To cover unexpected events, they will keep bookings for regular customers for an additional 5 minutes past the appointed time. Without a telephone call to confirm you may be later than this, the booking will be cancelled.

For their new customers they are very happy to take bookings. They ask new customers to arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid losing the booking, unless you make a call to advise you are running late.

To protect the privacy of our regular guests as well as respecting the service providers’ time, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit of $50.00 (refundable on booking) if we reasonably believe a group of visitors’ intentions are other than to make a booking prior to entry to The Cherry Tree.

Privacy Policy

The Cherry Tree will protect personal information by following the Australian Privacy Principles which place strict requirements on us to treat any information you give us as confidential.

We collect personal information to provide the services you want (e.g. credit card information). There may also be times where this extends to personal data relating to a variety of issues such as your age. You have the right to decide what information you provide to us but you must be aware that the consequences of not disclosing essential information may result in us not being able to offer you access to services or facilities.

We will use your personal information only for the primary purpose for which it was collected unless we have your permission or unless lawfully demanded to provide it. We will otherwise take all reasonable precautions to safeguard it from unauthorised access or loss, and when no longer required we will destroy by secure means. We respect your right to deal with us anonymously and you may access personal information we hold about you and correct information if it is wrong.

If you have a concern about a breach of your privacy you should first contact us. If you are not satisfied with our response you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992 or by email to:

Respect Policy

The Cherry Tree Garden Oakleigh is committed to providing a workplace that is pleasant for everyone to work in and respectful to relations between each other. This policy aims to ensure that no-one working in or visiting The Cherry Tree Garden Oakleigh is harassed or bullied.

We unequivocally recognise that harassment and bullying is always unwelcome and is also against the law. The most common form is sexual harassment which is behaviour of a sexual nature that is unwanted and has the effect of offending, intimidating or humiliating someone.

Other examples of harassment include: gender-based insults; sexual assault (a criminal offence); making jokes at the expense of a person with a disability; verbal abuse or derogatory comments based on race, appearance or age; and bullying.

We know that harassment may involve comments & behaviours that offend some people and not others.

We also accept that some individuals may react differently to comments and behaviours but a minimum standard of behaviour is required. Our standard, as far as is possible, will be ‘respectful of all persons’.

We have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and bullying at The Cherry Tree Garden Oakleigh, including education and ensuring compliance, and will do so at all times to ensure the safety of guests and their service providers.

Drug, Alcohol & Smoking Policy

The Cherry Tree provides an environment which aims to ensure the health and safety of, and respect for, everyone. The use of drugs and alcohol may impair an individual’s capacity to function normally, cause injury or be a threat to the well-being of the impaired person and others. We have an obligation under the Occupational Health & Safety Act to provide a safe and healthy work environment. No person is to use the facilities of The Cherry Tree while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted entry and service providers will be sent home.

Consuming, serving, bringing or keeping alcohol or drugs on the premises is not permitted at any time.

To give effect to this policy a reasonable observation will be made that indicates a person is behaving in a way which may put themselves and other people at risk of their health and safety.

In accord with legislation making it an offence to smoke in the workplace, The Cherry Tree observes a strict NO SMOKING policy.